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Language Trip to Seaford, England


From September 28th to October5th, we (7ABC) spent one week in Seaford to improve our English skills and to experience British culture first-hand. The trip was organised by H2.


Seaford is a small town with about 23000 inhabitants. It is located on the southern coast of England. The biggest cities near Seaford are Eastbourne to the east and Brighton to the west.


 We were accommodated by host families, in groups of 2 or 3. Our host family consisted of a woman and her son, and they also happened to own a very nice dog. We lived in a small house on the outskirts of Seaford.

English Lessons

From Monday to Friday in the morning, a bus took us to Newhaven, where we had our English lessons. We were split into two groups, according to the results of our placement test. Both groups had their own teacher. We switched groups once every day. Our lessons consisted of crosswords, talking activities and creative tasks. We enjoyed the lively and fun lessons with Dean and Chloe very much.


Almost every day, there was a special activity after school. On Sunday, we went to London by train. From Victoria Station, we could move through the city freely in small groups of students. We also spent an afternoon in Seaford, exploring the town and doing a scavenger hunt. On another afternoon, we did some sports and were introduced to Cricket. Some students even got to play the famous English sport and even though they couldn’t figure it out completely, they had a good time. Furthermore, we visited Eastbourne and Brighton to do some shopping and to hang out at the pier or on the beach.

During our time in England, we improved our speaking skills a lot while also learning to appreciate British culture.

by Ilja Ausserladscheider, Adrian Kiss and Jean-Baptiste Leonard