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Our language trip to Seaford, GB

7BC, 7A (31 students), accompanied by Prof. Hansinger, Prof. Müller

From 8th till 15th of September we went on our language trip to England. We stayed in a small town called Seaford on the south coast of England. On the first day our host families welcomed us in a cosy, warm atmosphere.

The next day we went to London. After the sightseeing programme with our teachers we were allowed to explore London’s shopping areas on our own. We had a lot of fun in London and when we got home we were too tired to be upset about the early curfew.

The second day, school started. Our teachers were really friendly and we were excited to learn something new. After school we went back to Seaford where we did a quiz to get to know the town.

Tuesday afternoon we went to Brighton where we had a lot of free time. In groups of three to six we sat by the sea, walked on the pier and went shopping in the famous Lanes. Everyone loved Brighton very much, so we decided to visit it again on Friday.

On Wednesday we had a sports afternoon. We learned how to play Cricket and played football. It started raining in the afternoon but this didn’t stop us from having great fun.

On Thursday we walked from Beachy Head along the sea to Eastbourne. There we sat in the sun and shared some fish and chips. In the evening we met at the beach and some of us went swimming. Although it was freezing cold – it was only 15 degrees – we loved it. The sun had already set and the sky was coloured in orange and pink. It was really beautiful.

Friday was our last day. We received our certificates and the students who improved their English the most and were really active in class were awarded. In the afternoon we chose to go to Brighton again, because it was cool and only 20 minutes-trip from Seaford away. We enjoyed it very much and in the evening we swam in the sea for one last time.

The last day we went back to London to fly home, knowing that this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience that we will never forget.

Miriam Steindl, 7BC

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