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Schulbesuch in Portugal – im Rahmen von Erasmus+

Schüler*innen aus Schulen verschiedener europäischer Länder begegneten einander Ende September im Rahmen des Schulaustauschprogramms Erasmus+ im Collegio Guadalupe, der portugiesischen Gastschule südlich von Lissabon. Sechs Schüler*innen des GRg Rahlgasse nahmen gemeinsam mit Schüler*innen aus Schulen in Italien, den Niederlanden, Litauen, Polen und dem Collegio Guadalupe in Portugal teil. Die Arbeitssprache war Englisch.

Arbeitsaufträge waren u.a.: Seid neugierig und lasst euch auf eine andere Welt ein. Sagt niemals nein, wenn euch von euren Gastfamilien Angebote gemacht werden. Erprobt mit Schüler*innen anderer Schulen ein auf EDV basierendes kreatives Spiel, das vorab in Italien entwickelt wurde. Besucht die älteste Buchhandlung Lissabons und trinkt einen „bica“ in Pessoas Stammlokal.



Während der Programmdauer von insgesamt zwei Jahren ist jede Schule einmal Gastgeberin. In der Rahlgasse liegt die organisatorische Leitung bei MMag. Redl BA, unterstützt vor allem von Dr. Wieninger. Letzterer begleitete gemeinsam mit Ladstätter unsere Schüler*innen nach Portugal.


Eindrücke von Schüler*innen auf der Rückreise formuliert:

„Eine Woche lang waren wir in einem nicht weit entfernten Land, aber trotzdem in einer völlig anderen Welt. Einen neuen Lebensstil kennenzulernen und sich trotzdem wie daheim zu fühlen war eine Erfahrung, die ich nicht missen will.“ (Jakob B. 8C)

„Ein Abenteuer in einer anderen Kultur.
Jemanden wie seinen großen Bruder empfinden.
Mit Leuten aus verschiedenen Ländern am Strand Volleyball spielen.“ (Lukas R. 5BC)

„In Portugal habe ich eine ganz andere Lebensweise kennengelernt.
Ich verbrachte mehr Zeit mit meinen Freunden und in der Natur.
Das Meer und die vielen Wellen waren sehr imposant.“ (Mathias R. 5BC)

„Eine unglaubliche Erfahrung.
Diese Woche in Portugal werde ich nie vergessen.“ (Malena P. 6D)

„Für mich ist das Erasmusprojekt ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, bei dem wir viele Erfahrungen sammeln konnten und neue Leute aus anderen Ländern kennenlernten.“ (Lola K. 6D)

„Für mich persönlich war die Erfahrung, in einer portugiesischen Vorstadt zu leben, sehr authentisch. Man konnte wirklich viel über den fremden Lebensstil in Erfahrung bringen, auch wenn die Zeit mit 5 Tagen relativ knapp war.“ (Daniel L. 8C)


Schüler*innen berichten:


»Erasmus 2016: Portugal Report
(Jakob Bierbaumer 8C)

Day 1, 25.9.16
We (2 teachers and 6 students) met at 10 a.m. at the airport in Vienna. First we had to fly to Dusseldorf and then to Lisbon. We arrived there at 6 p.m. and met with the students from Poland and the Netherlands. We took a bus to the hotel where the teachers stayed and from there our host families picked us up.

I lived at Miguel’s house with another student from Lithuania which was great. We lived in a big house very close to the school. On the first evening we went to a restaurant with many other students and their hosts.

Day 2, 26.9.16
On our first real day in Portugal we went to their school where some younger students welcomed us with singing two typical Portuguese songs. After that everyone introduced themselves and we got a tour around the school of Guadalupe. In the afternoon we played a game called “Think up”, invented by the students and teachers from Italy. After that my host and some other students from Portugal took us to the beach where we tried surfing and played football.

In the evening we went with a group of 15 people to a big shopping mall.

Day 3, 27.9.16
In the morning we had again some workshops. This time we had to invent a marketing strategy for the game “Think up” because they really want to sell it. Every group created a slogan and they took the best one for their product. After school we headed to the beach where we played some games and just hang out with each other.

After that the same group as yesterday went to the house of another student and we went swimming. We did a lot together in big groups after the organized program.

Day 4, 28.9.16
This was the first day without school. We took the bus in the morning to get to Lisbon, where we first visited a Tile Museum. We learned something about the typical Portuguese Tiles and painted some ourselves. Then we went to the center of Lisbon, where we had some free time to get lunch. In the afternoon we separated in smaller groups and went to different museums or places. We went to the Money Museum which was really interesting. Afterwards we visited a few places in Lisbon with a guide and spent some time exploring the city.

When we got back in the evening my host student took me to some cliffs where we watched the beautiful sunset.

Day 5, 29.9.16
The second day of discovering Portugal started with a long bus ride to Cabo da Roca, which is the westernmost place of Europe. There are some wonderful cliffs and the view is amazing. Afterwards we took the bus to get to Sintra, a nice little town in the mountains. We had some free time to get lunch in the beautiful center of Sintra with all the little streets.

Then, we walked a little bit up the hill to Quinta da Regaleira, which is a huge garden full of things to discover. For example, there were underground tunnels and a beautiful castle.

On our bus ride home we stopped at Mafra and visited the garden and the castle there. As we got home my host family took me to Lisbon, where we had dinner and walked a little bit around in the beautiful center of Lisbon.

Day 6, 30.9.16

On Friday we had our last workshops which were about problem solving. The have a team in Guadalupe competing in international competitions. After that, we went all together to the beach, where we had lunch. It was really nice to sit down with all the people participating in this project one last time.

From 2 p.m. We had free time, which we spent at the beach. We played volleyball, listened to music and had a good time. In the evening we went again to a restaurant there to get dinner. Again there were a lot of people eating together which was great. Afterwards the group separated a bit and everyone spent the last evening like he wanted to.

Day 7, 1.10.16
The last day we spent on airplanes and airports. Our journey home started at 9 a.m. at the hotel in Portugal and ended at 9 p.m. in Vienna. The traveling took a lot of time but was totally worth it.

The time in Portugal was really great and I am happy to had the chance to participate.«

»Report on the Erasmus-Project Portugal
(Daniel Lischak 8C)

Day 1: Monday
We spend the major part of our first day in school, playing communication games and generally getting to know all the other participants of the project. As we had classes until about 4 pm we did not have a lot of time in the afternoon, so we decided to walk home and my host student, Dieogo, showed me the area he lives in.

In the evening we took the train to Lisbon, where we met a group of other students and had dinner in a nice American restaurant.

Day 2: Tuesday
The second day started with school again, but as we got to know the others better, we actually had a good time playing games or just chatting. After lunch we drove to the beach, where we spent the rest of the day. In the evening we ate dinner at a traditional Portuguese restaurant, watching the sun set over the sea.

Day 3: Wednesday
On Wednesday we did not go to school, but we had a trip to Lisbon right from the morning on. The first thing we visited was a museum for traditional Portuguese tildes, which was quite interesting. After that we went to the national money museum, where we saw an exhibition about currency trough the ages, which we really liked.

After a short period of free time, where we went to get a quick lunch, we went sightseeing in Lisbon and learned quite a lot about the city’s history.

Day 4: Thursday
The day after our trip to Lisbon we had another trip, but this time we visited several different places. The first sight we saw was „Cristo Rei“, a gigantic statue of Jesus and although we did not go to the viewpoint on top of it, we still got a great look at the city of Lisbon from the hill it stands on.

Our next stop was at the „Cabo da Roca”, the most western point of Europe, where we took some great pictures during our free time there.

Afterwards we drove a while and finally we got to the historic town of Sintra, where we had lunch and soon went on to, what I think was, the best sight of the entire trip: “Quinta da Regaleira”, the gardens of Sintra. This park is full of incredible sights, like small castles and towers or even lakes with waterfalls, but the most impressive thing is the enormous cave system, that was build under the entire estate.

Day 5: Friday
On Friday we went to school one last time, where we spend our morning with the new friends we made, so it passed quite quickly. After school we went to the beach again to have lunch, but this time we visited another beach, which was near the city. There we all had a big goodbye-lunch and after that, we were free to do whatever we wanted.

So we spend most of our remaining time relaxing at the beach, or playing games, while listening to music. In the evening we had dinner at the same restaurant, and after that we just enjoyed our last few hours in Portugal.«



Die Reise war horizonterweiternd und wohlorganisiert, die Begegnung mit freundlichen Menschen an einem schönen Ort am Meer war ein Geschenk.

Mag.a Theresia Ladstätter